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Doll Kit's in stock

Photos of these kits that have already been reborn and have now been sold

But I still have one ore two of these kits in stock or maybe able to get

photos are to give you some idea only what your reborn can look like

Custom reborn is your choice you choose how you want your baby to look

Please contact for details and price


Faith 16 inch

Tanner 20 inches

Paisley 20 inches

Josie 19 inches

Kameko 19 inches

Libby 23 inches

Lucy 20 inches

Mika 22/24 inches

Paulette 19/20 inches

Shannon 18/19 inches

Trey 20 inches

Trinity 22/23 inches

Michelle 19 inches

Charlotte 19/20 inches

Honey 20 inches

Lucinda 20 inches

Tanya 22 inches

I also have a few doll kits in stock not listed here






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