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I have been looking for a local reborn artist, i need help, i purchased a baby from usa and over the past couple of months found his colour to have a grey colouring. i am willing to pay for anything that can be done GHSP wize to bring him to 'life' he has no veins they are so subtle that i cant see them.he has beautiful micro rooted hair, but photos of him look ok, but otherwise he is a pale funky kinda grey, i do hope you can help me. my husband died in my arms on the stairs in front of my then, 12 year old daughter in sept 2010. i discovered reborns on tv in august last year and i am sooo much happier sort of with him when my daughter is at school.i live in a cul de sac of 9 houses and am right at the end of one car wide road so nobody ever goes past please see if you can help me i am devestated. hugs Ellie xxxx

What a fantastic reborner Chris is, she has rescued Earle from the grey twighlight and he is lovely now, She is very sensitive and caring about "the babbies" and also the people who have them. I highly recommend her to all as she is soooo good at her art. Thankyou soooo much Chris I could hug you xxxx Ellie xxxx

Hi Chris Kevin arrived today and he is so gorgeous I'm so pleased with him I can't stop picking him up he looks just like a real baby you are so good at what you do. I shall be in touch again very soon for another one of your babies---Terry


Baby Darcy has just arrived she is absolutely gorgeous I love her she looks so real you are very talented I am absolutely delighted---- Jeanette


Hello Chris just to let you know that I am thrilled to bits with little Ruby Snow,she is settling in nicely in her cosy basket and coming out for frequent cuddles thank you for creating her her colouring is lovely her legs look so real------ Rebecca


She is beautiful, thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in producing a baby especially for me and such a stunning creation she is. I'm amazed by her, she looks so real Best wishes ---Anne


Safe arrivel of the most beautiful baby boy so well packed will be back for a little sister AAAAAAAAAAA----Pam


Thanks Chris what a beautiful baby you are so very talented the details are amazing even next day delivery please can you do me a custom order I can't wait for another one of your babies --

love Mary


Amazing doll So life like and real looking she really is fabulous I found you very friendly and helpful thank you so much will be back-----Debbie


beautiful, the children love him never seen anything look so real many thanks----Sue


Absolutely beautiful reborn I love her so lifelike really talented artist saving for another speak to you soon ----Jane

Hi Chris I am not sure if my mother will get her as every time I look at her the more I do not want to let her go. once again thank you very much and you are a truly amazing reborn artist again I can not thank you enough --Sue

Thank you thank you so much for my beautiful baby--Monica

Could not believe my eyes when I opend the beautiful box to find the most realistic reborn I have ever seen needless to say I will be back

LUV Doris













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